Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс Spotlight

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 4 класс Spotlight. Итоговое тестирование 4 класс. Проверочная работа по английскому языку. Exit test.

1. Choose the correct word.

watch / clock

hat / helmet

hairbrush / toothbrush

waiter / baker

mechanic / nurse

pepper / salt

pineapple / apple

whale / dolphin

tired / scared

2. Read and choose.

She is a great cook. She is / can cook very well.

Look! Nancy is swim / swimming.

Is / Can he ride a bike?

We don’t need much / many sugar.

Do we need many / much mangoes for the fruit salad?

There are a lot of / much oranges in the basket.

Alan always is watching / watches TV in the evening.

Diane is in her room now. She reads / is reading comics.

You must / mustn’t do your homework.

You must / mustn’t go to bed late.

3. Read and match.

1. What does he look like?

2. Is your uncle from USA?

3. Have you got my USB flash drive?

4. May I use your phone?

5. May I have a piece of that cake, please?

6. Fiona likes sports.

7. Jeff wants to buy some biscuits.

A) She is going to play soccer in the park.

B) No, he isn’t.

C) He is tall and slim.

D) He’s going to go to the supermarket.

E) Not yet. It’s still very hot!

F) Yes, but don’t be too long.

G) No, it’s on the shelf.

4. Make sentences, as in the examples.

teacher/school/teach students
A teacher works in a school. He teaches students.

How often do you play soccer?

A) postman/post office/take letters to people’s houses

B) waiter/cafe/serve people

C) go/I/to/usually/once/park/the/week./as

D) he/wash/dishes/Does/sometimes?/the

E) Paul/at school/yesterday?/Was

5. Look, read and match.

soccer match 3:15
piano lesson 7:30
Bob’s party 5:45

1. What time is Bob’s party?
2. What time is soccer match?
3. What time is piano lesson?

A) At quarter past three
B) At quarter to six
C) At half past seven

6. Read and write.

An elephant is … (short) than a giraffe.

A monkey is … (funny) than a gorilla.

The children ……. (watch) a film last weekend.

Sue ……. (cook) supper an hour ago.

She ……. (not/visit) the zoo on Saturday.

……. (Ben/wash) the dishes in the morning?

Bob is the ……. (good) student in my class.

Julie is ……. (shy) than Clara.



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